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5 Online Tools for Bloggers to Help Them Write Better Content.

Building up a blog is a great way to expand your business. While the outcomes don’t come immediately, it is worth trying strategy that gives immense financial outputs. Good blogging tools would assist you to compose posts that will get your business more visitors and sales, straightaway.

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What is blogging?

Blogging is all about writing on topics of your interests or services on the web which gives information about your business to the online world through blog posts, videos, and documents. It may be for personnel use or as business needs. It’s a technique for increasing web traffic and attracting an audience to your online business.

The best outcome of a good blog is to make a compact connection with your audience and give them useful data they can understand, rely on, use up, and spread to others.

What are blogging tools?

Creating great content isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to create something that not only stands out from the crowd but also delivers value while helping you build your brand.

Blogging tools assist you to write a good blog. Meanwhile, there are many other important elements of blogging to take great care of, e.g., on time content creation and spreading content and SEO.

Here are the 5 best tools that will help your blog to achieve increased website traffic, higher rank, and unique and plagiarism free blog posts.

1.   The Hoth Title Generator

The first in the list is a best title generator tool. Are you the one who face difficulty to make headlines for your next blog? The Hoth title generator helps you make incredible headlines about your blog topics, articles, or everything else. With the help of this title generator, you can get awesome titles for your blog post and this permits you to create a good article.

Features of the Hoth title generator

  • Easy to use

It’s convenient and practical to use Hoth Blog Topic Headline Generator. To produce headline ideas, simply enter the required information in the fields provided on the website and press the “Generate” key.

This tool takes the following components into account to generate a successful title:

  • The best relevant keywords
  • Your content goals for the blog
  • The common problem among the target audience
  • Common industry problems
  • And lastly, your industry and audience name

By filling up all these details in their respective area, enter the generate button. It will give a list of blog titles from which you can choose the best one.

  • Free to use

The good reason for which we suggest this tool to bloggers is that it is a completely free-to-use service.

  • Best SEO title

This headline generator is the most efficient tool that asks for keywords and the desired output. thus, it helps you improve your blog’s search engine rankings by combining high-traffic keywords, brand name, and consumer value into the headlines.

  • Quick title generator

This amazing title-generating tool delivers high-quality titles in a matter of seconds.

  • Generate unlimited titles

If you are not satisfied with the given results, the tool gives an additional option to its users to create an unlimited number of titles.

2. Answer the public tool

Trying to figure out what people are currently searching for worldwide? A keyword researcher tool can help.

AnswerThePublic can assist you in getting up with a list of innovative keywords/ideas to address if you’re a blogger. If you are targeting a certain niche, this tool still will be useful.

Simply, put, it helps users to find the right keywords for their blogs so that they can get maximum traffic from search engines like Google and Bing etc.,

Features of this keyword research tool

  • Free to use

Overall, it is a free Keyword Research tool that provides free blog suggestions and keyword research for bloggers.

  • Trendy FAQs on Google

AnswerThePublic is a website that publishes the most frequently asked questions on Google. For your convenience, this tool includes queries including Whys, Whats, Hows, Whens, and various additional interrogatives. It’s a good idea to use this tool if you’re thinking about starting a blog. 

  • Give Comparison ideas

With AnswerThePublic, you will not only learn how to compare different products and services, but you will be able to do it in a way that your audience understands and appreciates.

  • Rich source of keywords

No doubt, it is a fantastic tool, we’ll let you in on one more secret: This keyword research tool provides a large database of terms, each with a monthly search volume and a click-through rate (CTR).

  • Time-saving

Instead of brainstorming blog ideas, concerns, and keywords one by one, use this tool to keep track of all of your ideas and topics. AnswerThePublic can help you refocus your content-creating strategy while also saving you a significant amount of time.

3. Hemingway App

The Hemingway app improves your writing readability and comprehensiveness. It is not a secret that this tool looks for grammatical inconsistencies, clumsy sentence structure, passive voice, and other writing flaws. This program is accessible in both a web and desktop edition.

Features of the Hemingway app

  • Color-coded modifications

It changes the color of the text, depending on the issues it detects. The use of color-coding makes it easy to see which sections need attention and which can wait. Mouse over the highlighted words, and the program provides you suggestions on how to improve them.

  • Readability score

A readability score may also be used to evaluate its clarity. A composition with a lower difficulty grade is easier to understand. Using it, you will get a better understanding of how to see and process further. If you want to be more approachable to people of all reading levels, you must use your own style.

  • Distraction-free writing mode

It also offers a writing mode that is completely free of distractions. You can use it if you have a short piece of writing that has to be edited quickly. If you often get sidetracked or annoyed by a word processor’s congested screen, this writing mode can help you pay attention to what you’re doing.


Another ideal tool for bloggers is This is a paraphrasing tool that alters the meaning of each statement, from line to line and word to word. It uses the original text as an input and produces fresh, and plagiarism-free content as an output in a matter of seconds.

The rephrasing technique also helps to avoid plagiarism. To distinguish the paraphrased text from the original, it replaces different words and phrases.

Features of the

  • Different rephrasing modes
  1. Standard mode

The basic standard mode of rewriting alters the synonyms of the words and you can change the words as you like.

  1. Fluency mode

Paraphrasing using this mode makes your content sound more fluent keeping the original context the same.

  1. Creative mode

It is like a word-altering tool. You can use your own words if you are not comfortable with the automated replacement of synonyms. Users can only use it with premium.

  • Word count

There is a word restriction of 500 words. To unlock unlimited words rephrasing, go for its premium.

  • Plagiarism remover

It is now possible to eliminate any traces of plagiarism from the content by paraphrasing through this tool. Make sure your material is original by running it through a plagiarism checker.

  • AI-powered

This rephrasing tool is AI-powered and safe to use. The result will be human-readable and unique without altering the keyword structure in any way.

  • Free to use

This paraphrasing tool is free to use for up to 500 words. You can paraphrase as many blogs as you need in one day, there is no restriction on it.


A plagiarism checker is a must for every blogger. The check-plagiarism tool helps to detect plagiarism online for free.

Whether you’re writing a blog about a new product or thinking about publishing some guest posts on your website, this plagiarism checker will help you ensure that what you publish is original and unique.

This tool is not only used by bloggers but also by students, content writers, and teachers.

Features of the check-plagiarism plagiarism tool

  • Results in percentage

The best thing about this tool is that it can detect the original content and plagiarized content and give results in the form of percentages. See the snapshot below.

  • Matched sources

The plagiarized lines are highlighted in red with their matched source in front so that you can compare your text if it is taken from a given website.

  • Safe and secure to use

This plagiarism checker ensures its users a safe and secure checking experience by keeping their content confidential without sharing it with any third party.

  • Easy to use

Checking plagiarism in your content using this tool is easy. Just copy-paste or upload a text file content and check for duplication.

  • Support multiple file formats

Checking plagiarism in different file formats has become a breeze using this multiple file format supporting tool.

In the end

Writing good content for the blog is mandatory and it is a skill that takes time to master. And while there are plenty of tools out there that can help you write better, they’re not always free. If you’re a newbie blogger or the one with the budget, try out these five online tools that will help you write better content without taking your much effort.

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