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5 Things Every D8 Dozer Lover Should Know

By admin Jul19,2022 #d8 dozer
d8 dozer

It makes no difference whether you refer to it as a dozer, a d8 dozer, or a crawler tractor; whatever you call it, this century-old technology has become a crucial piece of equipment in the forestry, mining, and construction industries due to its versatility, power, and mobility.

If you are considering purchasing a used dozer for your business, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before making the purchase. These things include the amount of money the machine will cost you, how old it is, the number of hours it has been used, and the condition it is in. This last criterion is the one that tends to be the most difficult to recognize precisely, and the reason for this is that the indications of damage and excessive wear may be covered up and disguised.

While it is not intended to serve as an all-inclusive inspection checklist, the list that we have compiled of the top five things to look into before purchasing a dozer covers some crucial aspects you won’t want to avoid thinking about.

  1. Ensure that there are no plate lines or welding

It is essential to pay close attention to any plate lines present while analyzing the dozer blade. Because of this, the presence of a plate line may indicate that the blade has been refaced to disguise excessive wear. This is done to cover the effects of excessive wear. In addition, you need to examine the blade to see whether there are any signs of welding on it. If there are, this might signal that the dozer has just been repaired.

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection for excessive wear

Check the top of the blade, the cutting edge, and the spill guard to see if there are any signs of damage or wear along those locations. Carry out a careful examination of the blade push arms, paying special attention to the trunnion pins and caps as part of this process. One of the signs of excessive wear is a trunnion cap that has grown loose.

  1. Carry out an exhaustive inspection of the vehicle’s underside.

To comprehensively check a dozer’s undercarriage, it is necessary to allocate extra time in one’s calendar. Not only are repairs to the undercarriage a potential financial burden, but according to one source, “the undercarriage of a dozer accounts for around 20 percent of the purchasing machine cost.” Undercarriage repairs may be costly and inconvenient. The underside of the dozer can wear unevenly if the operators have a preference for steering in one direction over another or if the machine has been driven regularly on a hill.

  1. Take note of any add-ons and technological advancements

Adding a back attachment to a machine, such as a ripper with a single or multiple shanks or supplemental hydraulics, is one approach to boost the value of that equipment. You need to double-check that they are in great form and inquire about any productivity and safety features that can add value to a machine. You should also make sure that they are in fantastic condition. These features may include a built-in camera system, a global positioning system (GPS), or an inclination meter.

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection of the engine and the hydraulic system.

In addition to inspecting the vehicle for damage and confirming that the fluid levels are appropriate, you should look for any signs that it is leaking, check to see if any of the belts are slack and make certain that the filters are clean.

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