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5 Top Preschool Franchises in Kolkata

preschool franchise in Kolkata

Preschool franchises present an attractive business opportunity for edupreneurs. Preschool franchises provide entrepreneurs with a reputable brand name, curriculum support, teacher training support, and marketing assistance – making them attractive investment options. But no business venture is without risk, so it is crucial that you conduct thorough market research prior to investing in any preschool franchise opportunity.

Preschools that invest in technology-enabled operations improve administrative efficiencies and streamline parent-teacher communication while creating a more engaging learning experience for young children.

Keeping in view the ease of doing business, adaptability and returns, we have sorted top 5 preschool franchise in Kolkata

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care is a world-class preschool chain offering exceptional education to children. All its teachers and curriculum are guided by the Highscope learning framework which is proven to lead students on to a path of success. Furthermore, Footprints uses multifaceted approaches to teaching which encourage kids to explore their interests while building their unique personalities.

Footprints offers an array of services for parents, such as live CCTV feed and daily reports on their children’s activities. This helps ensure parents feel secure that their children are being well cared for and safe from harm. Their staff are highly experienced and qualified professionals; therefore they strive to maintain an equitable child/teacher ratio.

The brand’s mission is to establish a foundation for lifelong learning and development in each child. They do this by offering a nurturing and stimulating environment with hands-on, participatory learning. Furthermore, teachers push kids toward activities which foster character development and thoughtfulness within them; with 1:10 attention given individually in class sessions to provide an intimate learning experience.

Owing to the above qualities we have put Footprints Preschool and Daycare Chain on top of our list


This brand specializes in creating a safe and secure environment for children, while offering structured learning curriculums to ensure each child is ready for school. In addition, they offer various activities designed to both teach children valuable life lessons while having fun; including story-telling, puppet play, games, and innovative toys that help build essential skills.

This franchise boasts a widespread presence throughout India. Their services range from kindergarten, preschool, daycare and summer camps with programs designed to develop children’s physical, emotional and cognitive capabilities. Their team of qualified and caring teachers provide an inviting learning environment. Their experienced management team oversees operations of each school within their brand name.

Pre-school can be an exhilarating, life-altering first experience for both the parents and child alike, so making that transition an important milestone. EuroKids International, one of the premier pre-school chains, helps children adjust to this new world by creating an enjoyable learning environment filled with support and warmth.

They offer a well-structured curriculum, high safety and cleanliness standards, certified female staff members and follow a five-point safety program consisting of CCTV cameras, GPS monitoring, child-friendly furniture/interiors/safe school certification, first aid/emergency services.

EuroKids preschool franchise boasts an outstanding presence in Kolkata, making them one of the best choices when it comes to preschools in this city. Established for over a decade and known for providing quality education to children of all ages. Now hiring franchisees as they expand their growing network; EuroKids should be your top pick if you are searching for a preschool franchise opportunity in Kolkata!

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids Preschool provides developmentally appropriate instruction that fosters children’s lifelong curiosity for learning. Each day is filled with arts & crafts, music, social interaction and creative play – not to mention theme days! Incorporating all learning under themes allows children’s brains to make connections that span over multiple disciplines and subjects.

Kangaroo Kids was established in 1993 and introduced a revolutionary concept to education. Their founders understood that traditional classroom rote learning would not suffice in equipping their pupils for life in an information age, so they developed the iCan Learning System as an innovative research-based solution combining groundbreaking pedagogy, learning-teaching strategies, grouping methodologies, outcome assessment frameworks, external learning environment design, teacher training programs and much more to reach this goal.

This innovative education model has achieved incredible success, winning the coveted Brand Trust Report’s 2014 award of “Most Trusted Education Brand.” Competing against institutions like IIM, IIT, NIIT, Oxford and Yale Universities; Pioneer of new format schooling systems with its own research-based curriculum;

EuroKids team consists of passionate teachers and educators who create an enriching and secure learning environment for children to thrive in. The company places great emphasis on the wellbeing of its students and staff alike and offers many services designed to promote child development as well as numerous products and educational resources that make EuroKids one of the leading early childhood care providers in India.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids has been providing India’s children with safe and nurturing learning environments for more than a decade, offering various learning activities designed to strengthen cognitive development.

Their services span pre-school, kindergarten, and summer camp. One of the few preschools to offer Montessori-based education backed by research. Furthermore, they have a team of child psychologists to ensure each child gets optimal care and attention.

Contacting them is made easy through email, telephone and live chat services as well as their website which also features free resources and guides for parents – although some of these resources may no longer reflect the curriculum being implemented at schools today.

Hello Kids offers minimal start-up investments; their startup costs typically range from 50K-1L rupees, and breakeven should come within months. In addition, Hello Kids provides marketing support and generous profit shares.

If you are considering purchasing Hello Kids products, make sure you read their online reviews first. These reviews can give you an idea of what other customers have experienced at that school and help narrow your list down further. Upon visiting, choose a school close to home that has qualified teachers that nurture children as you will avoid long commute times for them and ask the school directly about any concerns that might be present.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool is a premium child care center offering safe, clean, and enriching environments for its students. Offering educational activities such as discovery time, field trips, and multi-media learning. Furthermore, this center encourages children to be creative and independent through creative playtime sessions as early age to build confidence and self-reliance for life ahead.

Mehmoorganj Preschool in Kolkata boasts a beautiful indoor and outdoor play space with a sand pit and slides. Plus they offer extracurricular activities including dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music lessons as well as dance facilitators greeting kids at their gate with puppets in hand, making the transition more pleasant for kids.

Preschool franchise industries are experiencing explosive growth thanks to increased parent awareness of early education and childcare needs, making this an attractive business option for entrepreneurs seeking to make an impactful difference in the lives of children. Franchising allows owners to build their brand while keeping costs for parents low.

Kidzee, EuroKids, Podar Jumbo Kids, Kangaroo Kids and Little Millennium are India’s five premier preschool franchises, offering different services and teaching methods. Each offers its own set of advantages. For example, Kidzee operates over 750 vibrant centers in India and Nepal using its Interactive Illume pedagogy which cultivates young minds while its franchisee model empowers entrepreneurs nationwide.

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