A Guide to the Hand Nicknames in Poker Games

If you’re a poker player, you know that the game can be full of lingo and terminology. The poker table can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the game. Players use all sorts of terms and slang, and it can be tough to keep up. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common nicknames for poker hands. So if you are playing poker games with experienced players, you’ll at least know what they’re talking about! So here they are:

AAAAK usually is called the Knights of the Round Table, Monty Python or, the Holy Grail

AAAA is Team Rocket, Thunderbirds, or Musketeers

AAAKK is Windsor Castle, The Penthouse, Updown Court, The Pinnacle, Bran Castle

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AAA is Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, a reference to the Three Musketeers

AAKK is Big Slick Did the Trick; if the appropriate two-pair hand is formed from the AK starting hand (aka Big Slick); poker professionals will tend to bet aggressively with this hand

AAQQ is Aqua

AAJJ is Jackasses which is a play on “Jacks and Aces”

AA88 is popularly known as the Dead Man’s Hand

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AKQJT is called Broadway if off-suit and Royal Flush if suited

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KKKK is Four Horsemen or Kings of Leon

AAAKKK is called a DUPLEX. Any two cards can be used. Basically two sets of trips. Instead of a 5 card hand called “Full House” you have a 6 card hand which makes a “bigger full house” or Duplex

KKKAA is called The Nativity from the famous Biblical story in which the Three Wise Men visit Joseph & Mary to witness Jesus Christ’s birth

KKKQQ is Buckingham Palace

KKK is called Alabama Knight Riders, Three Wise Men, Christmas Special, Ku Klux Klan, or Keane

KKQQ is Mommas and Poppas, ABBA, Double Date, Aerosmith based on their song “Kings and Queens,” or The Ice Breaker

KQJT9 is called Off-Broadway if off-suit and Hail to the King if suited

QQQQK is Elvis in Vegas or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

QQQQJ is the Bachelor’s Dream

QQQQ is Village People, Magnolias, Scrabble Player’s Dream, or The Joy Luck Club

QQQ is Six Tits or Daisy Hand

QAAAK is The Duck, obviously a reference to its sound

QQ33 is San Francisco waiters (Queens and Treys)

QJT98 is Honeymoon in Vegas but only if it wins, based on a scene from the movie of the same name

JA55 is Jackass or Jazz

JJJJQ is The Strip Club

JJJJ8 is Riewoldt On A Roll, named after AFL Richmond full-forward Jack Riewoldt

JJJJ5 is Neverland Ranch

JJJ55 is Jackson Five

JJJ is “Hart, Schaffner and Marx”

JJ55 is Rock ‘n’ Roll or Motown

JJ33 is Hookers With Crabs

JT987 is Convenience Store Straight, or Honeymoon in Vegas if it loses, based on a scene from the movie of the same name

TTTT is Larry, after Larry Fortensky, Elizabeth Taylor’s eighth husband, or Shotgun

TTT is known by many names as Thirty Miles of Bad Road, Elk River, Gilroy, Judge Bean, Judge Duffy, Judge Judy, Judge Wapner, San Jose to Gilroy, or Dallas to Fort Worth(which is the approximate distance in miles between the cities), or Judas (because his pay was “thirty pieces of silver”)

TT is Fingers n’ Toes because we have ten of each, Dubs Dimes, Duff McKagan, or Top Titties

TJAAT is Golden String

TT33 is Hot Waitresses (Tens with treys)

9966 is Dinner For Four or Dubs Sixtyniners

999 is Extra Virgin, because 99 is “German Virgin”

888 is Television Subtitles

77744 is Sailing Rednecks

77721 is 21 Miles of Rough Road, Jackpot, or Slot Machine

7733 is Queens of the Stone Age, which is after their song 3’s and 7’s

75432 is Kansas City if off-suit, or Sympathy Hand because it is the worst hand possible

6667J is Devil’s Convenience Store

666 is The Devil, Lucifer, The Beast, Devil’s Area Code, or Kotch

65432 is Rabbit, or The World Trade Center Straight

555 is Washington Monument, Pork Chop Sandwich, or Movie Call since all bogus numbers start with “555”

5432A is First Street, Little Minnie, Little Wheel, Pup, Puppy, Spoke, Steel Wheel (suited), Steel Wheel Bike (suited), or The Bicycle

4444A is Hole-In-One

4444 is Yacht Club

444 is Grand Jury

49 is Full Cup which is a joke from the TV Series Friends, where Chandler and Joey play “Cups”

36TJK is The Royal Sampler which is from a joke on The Simpsons

3333T is Teddy, EJ, Mr. Football (after AFL/VFL Footscray/Western Bulldogs legend Ted Whitten), or 1961 if it loses

3333 is Forest, Four Trees, or The Magic Numbers

3322 is Socks and Shoes, Mits and Mites, Mites and Lice, Nits and Lice

3A4A5 is Pi

2222 is Mighty Ducks

222AA is Marksman

22233 is Tent or the smallest full house, Mites and Lice, Nits and Lice

222 is Huey, Dewey, and Louie

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