Architectural Signage: Investment for Businesses

architectural signage

Is your business located in a slightly remote area or do your customers find it difficult to locate you? Alternatively, are you constantly seeking newer techniques to attract your target audience to flock to your store?

You can use the help of architectural signage! Wondering how architectural signages can be helpful? They help increase your brand awareness and help your target audience locate your store better. Moreover, an architectural sign has a multitude of advantages.

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This post discusses how architectural signage can prove to be an excellent investment for your business. Read on!

What is Architectural Signage?

Architectural signage helps businesses with brand identification by serving as way-finding signage. They are used for a building or property to bring a professional appearance and navigability.

According to FedEx, 68% of consumers believe that a business’s signage reflects the brand’s quality. Hence, custom-designed architectural signages hold a manifold of benefits for businesses.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Architectural Signage?

Architectural signs guide your target audience towards your store and help them locate your business better. On the other hand, they also promote brand awareness. This section discusses the advantages of investing in architectural signages comprehensively.


One of the best ways to attract the masses is to stimulate them visually. Your architectural signage can help you do so! Trigger your target audience’s visual senses by using catchy logos, bold fonts, and vivid colours.

Please note that your audience will remember your brand through the representation of your architectural signage. Hence, thinking out of the box to capture your audience’s attention and increasing brand awareness is a crucial step.

Improving Sales

Most individuals choose to go for a brand or are enticed to check it out when they notice the architectural signage. Results from several studies and research prove that customers have admitted to making a purchase from a store with attractive signage.

Your sales could go up with enticing signs or two. Hence, never underestimate your architectural signage and always level it up.

Making Your Business Accessible

As architectural signages play an essential role as way finders, they make your business more accessible.

If your customers are trying to find your store, your attractive signage can help!

They can easily locate your store as soon as they find your signage. Besides, you need not place the signs just outside the store. You can put these in and around the neighborhood to guide your target audience towards your store.

What Should You Consider while Creating an Architectural Signage?

Every architectural sign used by businesses reflects the brand’s image. Designers and brands should work together to create a unified design language, typography, material, and overall brand representation.

When creating the architectural sign, designers should consider combining the aforementioned elements. Plus, they should ideally represent a perfect blend of aesthetic, business image, and the environmental decor of the building.

To streamline the creation process, here are three elements you should consider while creating architectural signs:

  • Design: Your signage should be visually appealing. That is the primary goal. However, if the signage does not suit the environment, it may not appeal as much. Your design should focus on leveraging visibility, readability, and brand awareness.
  • Quality: The quality of your signage will determine its durability. Hence, choose quality materials to make sure your elegant architectural signage stands the test of time.
  • Compliance: The thumb rule is to make sure your architectural signage is compliant with the local regulations.

Final Words

Architectural signage can be of great use, especially when you want to generate brand awareness. Several individuals may want to check out your business and buy your products and services with attractive signage.

Want your audience to locate you better? Hire designers and makers to help you create fancy architectural signages today!

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