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The ongoing pandemic has made an increasing number of people turn to telemedicine options rather than visiting a hospital or clinic. As people are advised to step out of their homes as little as possible, going to a clinic is certainly not free of risks. As such, it feels a lot safer and convenient to consult doctors from the comfort of your home. After all, you get the safe sound medical advice without the next step out. So, here are the virtual doctor consultation apps that you need to download today for that purpose.

1. Bajaj Finserv Health

Bajaj Finserv Health is the one app you can depend on when looking for doctors near you. After all, it lets you consult doctors online or book appointments for more than twenty specialties. Whether you want to book lab tests or buy affordable health insurance, this app is there for you.

In fact, when you want to avail the facility of telemedicine for you and your family, Bajaj Finserv Health offers a really convenient way to get that arranged for you. It also has a CoWIN powered vaccination finder that sends you notifications on slots available near you and also lets you download your vaccination certificate.

2. Practo

Practo is a widely known app for online doctor consultation in India. It offers a number of key services and features, such as online consultations, booking online appointments, and keeping a complete medical directory. There are subscription-based checkup or health plans that you can check out.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, and free and paid consultations can be availed of. Doctors have their own profiles on the app, with all the details about their years of working and specialization. It will help you in selecting the right medical professional as per your health condition.

3. Lybrate

Lybrate was established back in 2013, and it has become one of the top names in this field in all these years. The app connects you with doctors in different specialties, and also lets you have the test samples collected from your doorstep. You can collect the test results online from the convenience of your home.

Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store for Android and Apple devices. In addition to telemedicine, the app has an online Q&A forum and health quizzes that help in creating awareness. So, you can also learn a lot from this app.

4. Mfine

Mfine is one of the popular healthcare platforms that has professional telemedicine and diagnostic services. Some of the features of the app are medicine delivery, online consultation, scans and x-rays booking, and at-home lab tests. Also, it offers self-evaluation services for several chronic conditions related to cardiac health, PCOD, diabetes, and so on.

There is an AI-based assistant to help you know more about your symptoms. The app will help you connect with nearly 374 doctors in 20 specializations. Mfine is available for both iOS and Android users. Every service that you use on this platform is chargeable.

5. Tata Health

The fifth name on this list is Tata Health, which is a telemedicine app that offers a host of services like online consultations, booking online appointments, medicine delivery, and lab tests on offer. The app also has a feature known as Health Locker that lets users store their medical records at one place.

So, you will not have to worry about losing any of your medical records anymore. The app is available on both iOS and Android, and you can connect with a doctor 24*7. Health articles are regularly posted on the site to help patients live a healthier life.

6. Doctor 24×7

Doctor 24×7 app focuses on offering teleconsultation services from doctors and offers diagnosis and a free follow up within three days of your consultation. The app, true to its name, offers support from the doctors 24*7. In fact, the app claims to have completed at least five lakh treatments to this date. You can avail of the first consultation for free right after you download the application.

Download the app and book a consultation today. After all, your health has to be your number one priority in this situation.


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