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By Vivek Pal Feb19,2024 a Scam? unexpectedly passes all the basic vetting tests used to detect scam operations. After filling out their contact form online, an auto-reply from one of their representatives quickly provided information about the site and early-stage goals; and its additional functions – stock trackers and finance knowledge resources – worked correctly without suspicious third-party links or untrustworthy processes.

It’s a Scam? does an acceptable job aggregating news. Although it collects some information without significant value-add, its regurgitated news passes tests for accuracy and source credibility – an advantage over sites which blatantly fabricate or recycle content without sufficient context for verification purposes.

Additional functions, like live stock feeds and finance knowledge resources, appeared well-researched. Requesting insurance quotes from top providers did not raise red flags either, while no signs of crypto scams, malware distribution or any other unscrupulous underground moneymaking tactics were observed either.

However, further examination of NewzTalkies raises some troubling issues: it doesn’t disclose its owners, parent company or headquarters location publicly and lacks leadership team bios and other transparency features typical of legitimate media companies.

It’s Legit?

At first glance, appears to be an established media site. Its news aggregation content passes basic credibility tests by correlating with articles from reputable sources like Reuters, AP and Forbes; duplicate articles don’t appear obfuscated or single-sourced as can often be the case with scam operations; further testing reveals no glaring errors or flaws in their data processing either.

NewzTalkies goes beyond news aggregation by providing additional functions like learning tools and finance knowledge resources, which did not generate any overt red flags during a quick review. Furthermore, its stock market feeds pulled accurate real-time exchange data for charting. Finally, clicking through sample insurance quotes did not direct visitors to any suspicious third parties either.

NewzTalkies takes privacy and security very seriously. A quick peek at their website privacy policy shows standard practices for processing non-personal analytics data through Google Analytics and AdSense, using HTTPS encryption in transit to secure data in transit, which has long been shown to prevent malicious attacks, as well as no signup/data collection requirements for top level content, which significantly lowers risk compared to sites which require excessive login registration/data collection to view top level articles that often run scams.

It’s Free? ears legitimate overall, with an inviting layout and straightforward navigation. Its regurgitated news content was factually accurate, properly sourced, and traceable; additionally supplementary functions like stock market data, insurance quotes and learning tools worked as expected without excessive errors or warning flags; additionally a WHOIS search revealed no security risks related to third parties exposing user private data. provides a privacy policy that adheres to standard Google Analytics practices without promising the sale of personal information. Furthermore, registration for basic browsing or content consumption does not require extensive account creation compared with login-heavy media properties and there were no crypto scams or malware distribution efforts identified either.

It’s Safe?

Casual visitors to the website might not detect any immediate red flags when browsing it; news aggregation and top-level content appear freely available, unlike some fake news sites that require payment to access. Manual checks using tools like NewsChecker reveal many stories which match articles from reputable sources; in addition, functions like stock trackers and finance knowledge resources appear well researched; clicking “Insurance” returns request forms from trusted partners without redirection to suspicious third parties.

Privacy policies on this website seem reasonably transparent, with no obvious signs of data loss being flagged up by visitors to it. Deeper scans also do not reveal any potential vulnerabilities exposing visitors to malware or crypto scams.

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