Fidelcrest Review 2022: Is it safe? Pros and Cons

Fidelcrest is one of the best prop trading firms was established in 2018. They have more than 6,000 traders trading on the markets from more than 170 countries. You must finish their challenge and pay a one-time charge to get started. You could manage up to $400,000 and keep up to 80% of profits if you pass the company’s initial trading hurdle.

With a variety of account types to accommodate various levels of expertise and capital, Fidelcrest offers serious flexibility. With more than 1,000 trading instruments, including FX and cryptocurrencies, you can trade their money on several renowned platforms.

 Is Fidelcrest Safe?

Reliability is crucial when determining whether or not to use a specific company’s services. Prop trading companies, in contrast to brokers, are free from oversight by financial regulators, including the FCA, Securities commission, and ASIC, because the money at stake is the company’s private money and not its clients’.

It is essential to make this clear because many consumers believe that a company is fake if it lacks restrictions, which is sometimes an inaccurate standard. We have been able to confirm in the specific case of Fidelcrest that, like most proprietary trading companies, it is not regulated by the bodies in control of this. Still, the brokers it uses to conduct operations are regulated primarily by the FCA.

On the other hand, we can confirm that many traders now trust this prop firm because they have made it evident in some of their reviews after five years of operation and paying all their users the correct profits. You are welcome to come by during business hours on any working day.

In conclusion, we think Fidelcrest is a trustworthy prop trading company, and that’s what their 6000+ users also believe. However, you should always take precautions and look for any warning signs! 


  •         Fieldcrest offers the highest profit splits in the market, paying sponsored traders 80–90% of gains.
  •         Rapid funding is possible if you select the Fast Track option on certain deposits and go beyond the two-step evaluation process with no minimum trading days.
  •         Earn money while being evaluated: Up to 50% of your profits will be yours to keep if you pass the Understanding Of the current, which is Stage 2 of your evaluation.
  •         Fieldcrest, the best prop firm, provides most trading options for cryptocurrencies.
  •         Numerous trading options: Trade forex, stocks, commodities, metals, and crypto.
  •         Infinite possibilities for accounts: No matter your degree of experience, risk level, or financial capacity, you can choose the ideal arrangement.
  •         Million-dollar account size: Traders confident in their abilities can open a Pro Account with an initial account balance of $1 million. Zero resizing You can start trading with $1 million after paying the initial fee and passing the two evaluation steps.
  •         Credibility: Fidelcrest has been operating for more than four years and has more than 6,000 traders.
  •         Current Promotion: Among other bonus possibilities, just like topstep trader ,Fidelcrest is currently providing two accounts for the cost of one
  •         In the evaluation process, you can decide whether to use your free second account or register as a supported trader, providing you twice as much capital as your first account.


  •         Challenging Verification Stage: The evaluation’s Phase 2 trading restrictions are more restrictive than those of the Trading Challenge. The maximum loss cap for most accounts is now half of what it was in the initial phase.
  •         Strict maximum loss estimate: Fidelcrest assesses your maximum loss not on your starting amount but on the highest account balance. Thus, you can generate a profit on your account and still receive a failing grade.
  •         Too many options: Choosing which account you want with which options can feel a little confusing with the 14 various account sizes and choices for when to use your free account.


With all of the data we’ve obtained, we have more than enough to decide whether Fidelcrest is the right prop business for us to work with or whether we should raise investors elsewhere.

First off, let’s acknowledge that FidelcrestOpens in a new tab. is a legitimate company that provides a legitimate prop firm funding experience.

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