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Siri Tricks you Probably haven’t Tried Yet

how to use Siri on iPhone 12

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has occupied a special place in the heart of iPhone users. If you have decided to uncover the vast capabilities of Siri, you’ll find there’s much to discover.

With iOS 14 and iOS 14.5, Siri has witnessed several improvements. For instance, better translation, ETA sharing, smarter suggestions, automated reminders with Mail, users can choose a Siri voice, etc. But before you can take advantage of these features, it is best to learn how to use Siri on iPhone 12. To ensure Siri is enabled on your iPhone 12, go to Settings > tap Siri & Search > enable the options Listen for “Hey Siri,” Press Slide Button for Siri and Allow Siri When Locked.

Now, look at the Siri tricks you probably still need to try.

Alarms and Reminders

With Siri as your sidekick, you will not forget to take your medication or the upcoming meeting you must attend. The digital tool is used as an excellent alarm or reminder. You can set it to either be repetitive or one-time only.

If an appointment gets canceled, you can call Siri to cancel the appointment instead of tapping Snooze.


Siri can speak several languages, and the voice assistant can help you translate ten languages so you can communicate smoothly. Some of the languages that Siri can translate are German, English, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, etc.

Therefore, if you find yourself in Germany or France trying to explain to the locals an address, let Apple’s voice assistant help you.

So whether you want to learn a new language for fun or hope to acclimatize to the local surroundings during your travels, Siri has got you covered.

Call an Uber

Uber is a third-party application that can be accessed via Siri. You can let the voice assistant call an Uber to your location.

You must ensure the Uber app is up-to-date and then go to Settings > Siri > App Support and switch on the toggle beside Uber to enable Uber in Siri’s App Support section.

Then, launch Siri and say Call an Uber. The voice assistant will ask you the type of Uber you want and ask your permission to confirm the number of passengers. Then, Siri will suggest you launch the Uber app and book a ride from your location.

Send WhatsApp Texts

In addition to using the default Messages app, Siri can now help you send WhatsApp texts too. First, head to Settings > Siri > App Support and switch on the toggle next to WhatsApp. Then, you must launch Siri and say Send a message to <contact name> with WhatsApp. After that, speak the message out, and Siri will confirm if you wish to send it before sending the text.

Besides sending text messages, you can also use the voice assistant to make video calls via WhatsApp. Simply ask Siri to Video call <contact name> on WhatsApp or Call <contact name> on WhatsApp.

Recognize Songs

You don’t need Shazam when you have Siri. The voice assistant can quickly recognize songs, and it hooks into Shazam’s database to let you know the artist and the name of the song you’re listening to. The song will start streaming from the application if you’re using Apple Music. You simply have to tap play.

Control System Settings

The Control Center allows iPhone users to control settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or screen brightness. However, if you’re driving or your hands are occupied, you can seek help from Siri. Launch the voice assistant and say Turn On/Off Bluetooth or Turn On/Off Wi-Fi.

Sports Scores

There’s no need to launch an app or search Google whether your favorite team has won the match. Instead, you can ask Siri whether the Yankees won or the current score of the Cavaliers game.

Make Restaurant Reservations

So you need the perfect restaurant for your upcoming date night? Let Siri do the hard work while you can sit back and relax.

As you ask the voice assistant to make reservations, Siri will present to you a list of top restaurants, along with their ratings, distance, and reviews. You can go through them, make your choice, and tap on Make Reservation.

Hear Knock Knock jokes

Everyone loves a good laugh now and then. If you are feeling low, you can ask Siri to surprise you with fantastic Knock Knock jokes. All you have to say is Knock Knock, and the voice assistant will tell you jokes.

The voice assistant’s humor is evolving; hopefully, you’ll enjoy what she has to say.

Also, there are tons of other funny things you can ask Siri to say.

The Bottom Line

Siri has several tricks up her sleeves. These are some you must try right away.

If you have any cool Siri tricks recommendations that users must try, feel free to mention them.

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