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SNS King – Follow the Lives of K-Pop Stars

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SNS King

SNS King is a new website that lets you follow the lives of some of your favorite K-Pop stars. The site features stories about the members of popular Korean groups such as BTS and Jungkook, as well as their fans, or ARMYs. They even take a look at the strategies used by ARMYs to support their idols.

BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook is the youngest member of Korean boy group BTS. He is also a dancer and sub-rapper. His solo song ‘Euphoria’ has reached the number five spot on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

After being discovered as a backup dancer, Jungkook attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul. Later, he received training at the Los Angeles School of Dance.

Before his debut with BTS, Jungkook auditioned with seven entertainment companies. Eventually, he chose Big Hit Entertainment. When Jungkook first met the other members of the group, he was shy. However, after seeing RM’s performance, he decided to join the band.

In addition to his duties as a singer and dancer, Jungkook is a producer and video editor. He co-produced ‘Euphoria’ with DJ Swivel. The track has charted in 93 countries, including the United States.

Kim Taehyung aka BTS V

With a huge following on social media and a unique sense of style, it is no wonder that BTS’s V has become a superstar. His talents and personality are unrivalled. In fact, he is so impressive that his fans are trending him as #SNSKingTaehyung on Twitter.

A saxophone player at heart, V was first inspired to pursue a musical career after seeing the saxophone player in a movie. The young musician later auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment. Eventually, he was selected as a trainee. He was also involved in the hit song “Sweet Night” from the Itaewon Class soundtrack.

Not only is he a talented singer, but he has a knack for making videos. As a result, his hyungs are often concerned that he speaks to himself in different characters.

ARMYs’ strategies to support their idols

In the social media age it is more than likely you are familiar with the acronym ARMY or at least one of its kin. The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but a quick search of Twitter and Facebook will reveal that your kin is far from alone. This fanatic community isn’t short of a slew of dedicated nerds who log on to multiple social media accounts to keep tabs on their favorite artists. While some of them are ardent boozehounds, others like to flex their inner geek when the going gets tough. They aren’t afraid to go for the gusto and are surprisingly tolerant of social media faux pas. So long as you stay on the good side of the law you’re golden.

13 fancams with over 10 million views

If you are an avid fan of K-pop, then you have probably heard the name Fancam King. That’s right, Kim Taehyung, also known as V, has 13 fancams with more than 10 million views. These fancams have been praised for their professionalism and endurance. This makes the crooner one of the most searched idols on YouTube.

The Winter Bear crooner has been dubbed as the ultimate visual representation of K-pop. His fancams have also earned him the title of SNS King. Among his fancams are “DNA” with over 10 million views, “Butter” with over 9 million views, and “MIC DROP” with over 10 million views.

There are many junior singers in the Korean music industry who have gotten inspiration from BTS V’s fancams. In fact, the group’s member Jimin is the most viewed junior singer on YouTube with a 29.3 million view fancam. A few weeks ago, the group’s fancam for their song “Fake Love” reached more than 29.3 million views.

‘Butter’ concept photo has surpassed 9 million likes

The Winter Bear crooner has officially made history with his ‘Butter’ concept photo. It has surpassed 9 million ‘likes’ on Instagram. This is the first time a Korean male artist has achieved this milestone.

Although he is a member of a super group, Kim Taehyung is making his mark as a solo artist. He was recently featured in Louis Vuitton’s runaway debut. His latest snap has also received a few likes from the likes of Indonesian actress Gege Elisa and visual artist James Jean.

For his ‘Butter’ concept photo, Taehyung donned a denim skirt and a white tulle top. He also wore golden rimmed specs and a gender-neutral hat. His charismatic pose left the world gasping for air.

BTS has also released a second “Butter” concept photo set. In this photo, V was also seen sporting a mullet hairstyle and a black leather jacket.

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