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Using Artificial Intelligence Strategies Like The Pros

Artificial intelligence is defined as the stimulation based on human intelligence that is organized somewhat to think, act and mimic like humans. This may be related to any of the machines that shows the traits linked to the human mind such as learning and problem-solving. Many of the folks misinterpret artificial Intelligence to the robots. It’s because they have seen big budget movies where human look alike machines bring destruction.

This is not where AI is confined but it’s further beyond that. The purpose of artificial intelligence involves learning, and reasoning. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is rapidly growing. AI can encompass anything from SIRI to self-driving cars to Google’s search algorithms. 

Today AI is popularly classified into two – 1) weak AI and 2) General AI or Strong AI. 

Weak AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Weak AI systems are designed to execute narrow tasks such as chess, from above and personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. You can ask the assistance a question, it answers back to you. 

Strong or General AI (Artificial Intelligence)

These are used in more complex and complicated processes. They are designed to handle the instances in which they may be required to fix the problems without human intervention. Such kinds of systems are usually found in applications like self-driving cars or in hospital operating rooms. 

Limitation of Artificial Intelligence

Apart from these, there are some drawbacks to this advanced innovation. Some issues associated with every tech and non-tech products, then how it remains untouched in case of artificial intelligence.

    1. Threat of being programmed to do devastating: Certainly science has transformed and proved beneficial by all means. However, it can also be targeted even in wrong tasks. Autonomous weapons can be organised to kill if the system goes in the wrong hand. 
  • It may develop a destructive tendency to achieve its aim: It may happen whenever we are unable to fully line up the AI with our aim which is difficult. Let’s take an instance of an AI based car to drop to the airport as instant as possible. It might take you there chasing helicopters and end up in vomit. It does perform the function which you have asked for but not what you want. 

These are some instances where we can say that it has drawbacks too, beside smart functionalities.

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