We Use Them Every Day, But What is The Overall Purpose of a Search Engine?

We Use Them Every Day, But What is The Overall Purpose of a Search Engine?

Search engines are websites that provide a quick and easy way to find the information you’re looking for. It’s likely that users will take advantage of this technology by visiting a search engine at least once a day and if possible, multiple times a day.

Why do we need them?

Before the idea of search engines was ever conceived, searching for information meant either scouring through an index or asking someone else who may know where to look for it. For example, using Google as our primary tool now, we would type in what we were trying to find into the search bar (i.e., “When did World War II start?”). By typing this phrase, we can assume Google understands it is looking for an exact match to the text provided. After clicking “search,” we’re given a page of results that include helpful links to websites built on information and facts about the World War II timeline, as well as other search results based on our original query.

By typing in this phrase into Google , we can find all sorts of useful information that will help us find out when World War II started for someone with little experience using technology or even an internet connection. No longer do users have to ask others where they may be able to find such data; instead, users can now easily access them by typing in their question or request into a search engine. Users no longer need to use only one source either; today’s technologies allow people like you and I to access multiple search results in just a matter of seconds . 

Final Thoughts

Today, people turn to search engines for 1) answers to their questions and 2) resources that fit into their daily lives. For example, you may be wondering, “What is the best breakfast cereal?” This question can easily be answered by typing your query into Google’s search bar or one of its competitors like Bing or Yahoo!.

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