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What are the very basic things which people need to know about the concept of the Isosceles triangle?

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Isosceles triangle

In the world of mathematics triangle is one of the most prominent shapes about which everybody should be clear so that there is no chance of any kind of mistake at any point in time. Different Categories of triangles are easily available in the whole world of mathematics and further being clear about each of them is very much important. Depending upon their side’s triangles can be classified into three main categories which are explained as:

  • The scalene triangle in which all three sides will be of unequal length
  • Isosceles triangle in which only two sides will be equal
  • And the equilateral triangle in which all three sides will be of equal length.

 Hence, the Isosceles triangle is the one that will be having two equal sides and the two angles opposite to those equal sides will also be equal. In very short this particular type of triangle will be having two congruent sides. Kids need to be clear about several kinds of properties associated with the Isosceles triangle and some of the basic properties have been explained as follows:

  • As two sides will be equal in terms of length the unequal side will be always the base of the Isosceles triangle.
  • The angles opposite to the two equal sides of the triangle will always be equal
  • The altitude of the Isosceles triangle is measured from the base to the vertex which will be topmost of the triangle
  • The right Isosceles triangle will be having a third angle of 90°.

 Some of the different categories of the Isosceles triangles have been explained as follows:

  • The Isosceles triangle will always be having the axis of symmetry along the perpendicular bisector of the base and ultimately it will depend upon the angle between two legs. So, it can be perfectly classified as acute, right or obtuse. The Isosceles triangle can be acute if two angles opposite to the legs are equal and the third angle is less than 90° or it is an acute angle.
  • The Isosceles triangle will always have two equal sides wherein one of two equal sides will be acting as the perpendicular and another one will be acting as a base of the triangle. The third side which will be unequal over here will be termed as the hypotenuse and in this particular case, it will be termed as the isosceles right triangle.
  • The third category over here is the Isosceles obtuse triangle in which one of the angles will be greater than 90° and it is important to note down that it will never be possible for the individuals to create the triangle with more than two obtuse angles.

 Apart from all the above-mentioned categories, it is important for kids to be clear about the basic formulations over here as well which are explained as:

  • Area of Isosceles triangle will be half into base into height square units
  • The perimeter of the Isosceles triangle will be two into A+ B units in this particular case A stands for the length of two equal legs of the Isosceles triangle and B stands for the base of the triangle.

 Apart from all the above-mentioned points, kids need to be clear about the Isosceles triangle altitude because it will be by setting the base and two congruent triangles will be created. This particular type of altitude will help in forming the required right angle and altitude will become the shared leg in the whole process. Hence, being clear about the basic categorisation is important and people should register themselves on platforms like Cuemath to have a clear idea about the other forms like obtuse triangle and other kinds of options.

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