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what is BMW Msport?

By Vivek Pal Feb23,2024 #msport

Msport trim for BMW vehicles creates the look and feel of an M series/performance car without engine tuning/race tune-ups. Styling changes, wheels, suspension settings and “M” badging all work to achieve this effect.

Your purchase also includes sports seats designed to keep you in place during hard cornering and a thicker steering wheel.


BMW models with M Sport trim tend to feature several key modifications on their exteriors, including deeper front bumpers with numerous curves and creases as well as larger air intakes, and more aggressive side skirts. M Sport models stand out with their distinctive dark bodywork and standout features such as larger wheels, lower suspension and eye-catching blue or red brake callipers on the rear wheels that complete its appearance. Inside, msport models feature upgraded sports seats to keep drivers secure when cornering hard, as well as thicker M Sport steering wheels and, depending on the model, stiffer steering racks for enhanced precision and feel.


M Sport trim may add some additional equipment depending on the car model, but its primary function is cosmetic. Consider it Audi’s S Line, Mercedes AMG Line or Ford’s ST-Line as similar approaches without engine and performance upgrades from BMW M division.

Aesthetically, this means deeper front bumpers, bigger wheels and either blue or red brake calipers. On the inside there’s also a sporty steering wheel and more exclusive ‘M’ badging; front seats have also been upgraded to sports seats to reduce body roll during hard cornering and increase grip during hard acceleration. Finally a thicker gearshift knob adds another personal touch that may divide drivers – some love it while others find it too heavy.

Alternatively, if you desire the styling of an M model but do not require its stiffer suspension or lower ride height, consider upgrading an SE model with an M Sport package to add optional extras such as sat-nav, leather seats and alloy wheels – however if you want the full experience then consider opting for an M model as this will give you everything M Sport provides plus more power and a smoother drive experience.


MSport trim level for BMW vehicles aims to replicate the look and feel of an M series or performance car without all of the additional horsepower or race tuning that would come with them. Similar to Audi S line, Ford ST-Line and Mercedes AMG Line trim levels; it is often selected by personal leasing and business contract hire customers who desire this look without all of its additional power and speed.

Carwow reports that upgrades for any specific vehicle vary, but at a minimum the msport package adds unique exterior and interior touches as well as special ‘M’ badging to enhance aesthetics, larger wheels, a sportier body kit, and sport steering wheel features. Upgrade to the full M Performance package to access genuine performance upgrades as well.

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