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What Is Goo Search Engine ?

By admin Sep21,2021 #Goo Search Engine
Goo Search Engine

Goo ( Japanese: goo) is an Internet search engine produced by Infoseek Japan, a subsidiary of Disney. It follows the model of Google and most other search engines in having a simple interface and providing relevancy-ranked results. Goos specialized algorithm for searching images () provides images as its main search result and implements reverse image look-up using several popular web services such as Google Images and Yahoo! Images .

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Brief History: On November 3, 1999 , Goo was launched to compete with global search engines such as AltaVista and Excite . The service was available free of cost and required no subscription or registration. In January 2000 , it was merged with Disney’s existing portal site.

In 2003 , Goos search technology was acquired by Infoseek Japan .

December 1, 2003 , Goo became the main search engine of Disney’s website. At this time, results from Wikipedia were added to its database. 

November 18, 2005 , Google Search is integrated into Goo..

June 4, 2008 , Goo adopts “G” logo similar to that of Google and changes slogan from “Search Engine for All the World’s Knowledge.

Goo is an Internet ‘search engine’. Goo makes no sense because Google has stolen its name. Many people use it, for lack of any other search engines.

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