A guide to poster printing for businesses

poster printing

Are you looking for ways to brand your business? Get personalized posters!

Posters are a perfect way for marketing all types of businesses. Posters are a more permanent and eye-catching way to reach a broad audience than the smaller forms of print marketing such as brochures. A unique, attention-grabbing design or a message associated with your business makes a strong visual impression on your target audience that too without breaking your bank. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises can gain from the benefits of poster printing.

You can use personalized posters inside your workspace to inform the customers about special offers, promotions in stores, distribution in neighbourhoods, hanging in other facilities that offer related services, placing them at public places, etc. There’s no denying that customized posters are the fastest way to get the word out to the masses, no matter which industry you belong to or your business size.

Moreover, there are different types of posters for different types of business needs, for example, commercial posters, informative posters, posters for the campaign, posters for announcements, and event posters. Therefore, if you plan to get posters printed for your business, you must first be sure of the purpose- “Why do you need posters?”. Once you have decided the poster’s need, you know which type of poster you need, it becomes easier for the designer to design your poster and help you achieve your aim.

After this, you are left with three key considerations:

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The critical components of a successful poster design include- powerful images, contrasting colour selections, compelling copy, and an effective call to action. Your marketing campaign will be ineffective unless the poster’s design is framed specifically to catch the eyes of your potential customers. As your audience walks by your poster, it has to be such that it grabs their attention and make then turn their head even in the hustle and bustle of high traffic areas. It should attract your target audience; it should summarize your offerings, convey your message visually, should be in a readable format. Remember not to mess up with the poster by using too many images and fonts. The size of the images and font size should be appropriate as per the size of the poster.


You must have heard an adage- “Presentation is the key.” This stands true for business posters as well. Suddenly, a new brand comes in and is present everywhere you look; it becomes a hot topic one day. Do you know what evokes that atmosphere? It is the deliberate marketing strategy and design. How well you present your brand to your audience is the key to your branding success. Remember, your poster should convey who you are, what your business is all about, and how you can address the needs of your audience. You can also compare your traits to those of your competitors to better understand the possible marketable niche your company can stand out.


It is needless to say that your ordinary desktop or the local copy machines in the neighbourhood would fail to provide professional quality in your posters. There are some specifications that a professional poster printing service recommends, like high-quality paper stock, 100-pound gloss cover, 100-pound gloss text, 16-point gloss cover stock which is extra thick and durable. These are important because they lend richness to your design and give fantastic colour-popping effects to your posters. However, if you think quality posters are expensive, you are wrong! Professional printing services are economical to help small, micro-businesses, and even sole proprietorships compete with the big names in the market.

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