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Why Do You Need a Buyer Agent?

buyers agent in Sydney

A buyer’s agent is a licenced real estate agent who serves as a go-between for the buyer and the seller in a house purchase. Real estate buyers’ agents must represent the buyer’s interests and work to ensure that the client receives the most incredible possible price for the property. While some real estate agents only deal with purchasers, most of them may serve as both a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent, depending on the circumstances.

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Buyers Agent?

When operating as a buyers agent in Sydney, a real estate agent’s job is to assist their customers in the home-buying process by providing information and resources. As a result, a buyer’s agent often performs the following duties:

Looking for properties

The buyer’s agent will inquire about the buyer’s wants and needs at the beginning of the process to identify their dream property. They’ll next start looking for suitable homes based on that information. If a new property comes to market, the buyer’s agent will notify them.

Listing appointments

The purchasers will examine their agent’s list of properties and select the ones they want to see in person. The agent will next work with the individual listing agents (or sellers, if the house is for sale by the owner (FSBO)) to arrange a time for the purchasers to see the property in question. There are open houses that purchasers may visit, and the buyer’s agent will keep them informed.

The buyer’s agent will typically accompany purchasers to all showings and open houses and will be available to answer questions. As buyers tour the home, the buyer’s agent will be on hand to answer any questions they may have and offer their comments based on their experience. If buyers don’t know how to approach a listing agent, a buyer’s agent will be able to inform them about the seller’s situation, the state of the property and the property’s taxes and other fees.

Consultations regarding pricing are available.

Buyers’ agents will ask the listing agents whether there are any disclosures (any defects that the seller must disclose to purchasers) that could affect the attractiveness or pricing of a house the buyers are interested in. The realtor will next perform comparative market research to see what other homes in the area have been recently sold to estimate a reasonable offering price for the property. Depending on the research done by the buyer’s agent and the property’s characteristics, the buyer’s agent in Sydney will propose that the buyers submit a specific offer.

Involved in negotiating with the seller’s agency or FSBO.

After submitting an offer on the buyer’s behalf, negotiating the price and terms is the buyer’s agent’s responsibility. Any counteroffer made by the seller is communicated to the purchasers, who will have the opportunity to accept or change it at the agent’s discretion. It is also common for the buyer’s agent to tell customers about the various strategies to increase their offer’s competitiveness, such as reducing contingencies or changing the closing date. The buyer’s agent will begin drafting documents immediately after a seller accepts the buyer’s offer.

Recommend real estate experts to others

The buyers’ agent in Sydney is there to help and advise the purchasers as they approach the end of the transaction. Buyers may rely on these specialists to speed up the closing process and safeguard their interests before reaching the final closing date.

Devoting Time to Organization

If you’ve ever purchased a home in Sydney, you’ve undoubtedly devoted an entire shelf to the paperwork involved. This list of documents will likely contain written and signed counteroffers, little specifics (such as particular repairs), and what was and was not included in the transaction.

Completing paperwork is a hassle. An excellent real estate agent might come to the rescue here. It’s not uncommon for these offers and counteroffers to have a time limit attached. They are armed with fax machines that never cease printing paper in a good economy.

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