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By Ellen May6,2022 #textured stickers
textured stickers

The label of your product has a profound effect on its sales. Customers often tend to make a decision based on a glance at the product’s packaging. So, the use of the proper labels or stickers is crucial to grab the customers’ attention and convince them to make the purchase. Amongst the extensive range of stickers available, textured stickers have become quite popular. These are available in high-end materials and unique colours that elevate the products’ finish. The stickers can be an ideal choice for luxury product ranges requiring high-quality branding.

So, if you want to bring about changes to your product marketing and develop eye-catching stickers for your product, here are some tips for you.

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Selection of material

The design of the label starts with the selection of material. You can choose speciality printing materials like estate paper stocks or linen, ideal for high-end soaps or wine bottles. Speciality stock also renders an aesthetic appeal to the product. For example, the use of linen stock on organic, sustainable and hand-crafted products can be a perfect choice, while metallic silver can be used to draw kids’ attention.

Remember that the striking feature of the textured stickers attracts customers to the product, which prompts them to pick it off the shelf and feel the difference. So, choosing a suitable material would complement the product and get more attention.

Graphic choices

The selection of eye-catching designs for your product label can create a lot of difference. You can get endless options with custom label printing. You can opt for dimensional printing to give the text a 3D effect. Full-colour images, texts, graphics and any other designs can be brought to life using this specialised printing process.

You can also go for debossing or embossing if you want a different way to lower or raise the print. It is done by using a similar concept as dimensional printing and making small imprints out of and into the label. It enables the customers to feel the raised print when fingers are run over the label.

Incorporation of patterns

The use of patterns can add a little more dimension to your stickers making customers more attracted to the product. You can go for subtle and soft patterns when a luxury item is concerned. If it is a necessary item, choosing something utilitarian would be apt. You can use patterned ink designs like chevron or checkerboards to create patterns and make the label pop. Also, you can try a high build screen coating for creating 3D patterns on the product labels. Holograms are also another versatile option to make the patterns livelier.

Coating needs

A coating ensures protection and gives an attractive finish to a sticker. The combination of matte and gloss coating on the product surface gives a 3D effect to the textured stickers. The gloss text stands out on the matte surface, creating a dramatic effect. Luxury items are often given a matte coating to create a more luxurious look. So, you need not worry about covering up the label and ruining the effect. Instead, try the ‘soft touch bottle’ coating to create the desired effect.

Textured labelling makes a product’s packaging unique and draws customers towards your products. It can be the most effective way to communicate the brand personality and create a brand perception among customers. So, by using this new way of packaging, you can stand out on the shelf among your competitors.

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